Here are some projects conducted in our workshop.



August 2019

Historical series retracing the journey of the first French settlers in Nouvelle-France around 1690. Aired in May 2020 on National Geographic.



  • Sub-contracted by the productions workshop to assemble various types of historical garments
  • Mandated to utilize historically accurate finishing techniques in order to ensure the correctness of the garments for the period: much hand sewing including 5 leather vests entirely sewn by hand
  • Handling of very tight and changeable deadlines in accordance with the shooting schedule.

Items produced

  • 13 skirts
  • 2 men’s shirts (both lead characters)
  • 10 aprons of varying styles and fabrics
  • 5 hand sewn leather vests
  • 2 black veils
  • 25 stomachers
  • 1 priest’s cassock
  • 2 mantuas (loose gown)


  • Anne-Marie Rostaing, Head of workshop
  • Louise Jobin, Costume experte
  • Dorian Fonck, Dressmaker
  • Olivia Pradel, Dressmaker
  • Jessica Meghan Marcotte, Dressmaker
  • Favielle Petit-Clair, accessories repair

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Catherine Fillion-Villeneuve


Penn Station Murals

April 2020

Vast photographic project by renown Canadian photographer Stan Douglas. Recreation of historical scenes counting over 200 characters, taking place in New York’s Penn Station between 1910 and 1940.


  • Historical research and visual referencing.
  • Quote and budget assessment.
  • Identical reproduction of period costumes: the iconic hat worn by infamous bank robber Celia Cooney as well as the costumes worn by the vaudevillian players the Florenz Troup.
  • Production of several women’s looks from 1914 and the 1920’s
  • Adaptation of 1980’s and 1990’s hats used as bases to which feathers, ribbons, bows, and other adornments were added in order to transform them into hats from 1914.


  • Morganna Leblanc, Dressmaker
  • Anne-Marie Rostaing, Head  of Workshop
  • Jessica Meghan Marcotte, Head of Workshop assistant
  • Louise Jobin, Costume expert

Reproduction of a period costume for the artists Adelaïde and Hughes. Modification of an existing bodice from our collection by adding embossed velvet leaves.

Identical reproduction of a Vaudeville style tutu.

Adaptation of hats to give them a 1914 look.

Customer feedback

Jow, Costume Designer – Wardrobe Stylist

The fantastic team from The Grand Costumier  supplied  costumes and accessories to dress over 200 characters that  stretch  over 5 decades and built keys elements in their workshop for specific historical figures showcased in the murals created by Photographer Stan Douglas.

Special thanks to Morganna Leblanc, for her hard work and dedication. She handled the initial research, ensured constant communication and support throughout the course the project!

Thanks to this excellent team this challenging project was a success.


Valses de Vienne

November 2019

Variety show for the stage incorporating dancers, singers and musicians and placing the action in the Viennese waltz universe.


  • Production of different items following the renowned creator Michel Robidas’ sketches, Le Grand Costumier collaborator for several years.
  • Fittings and adjustments done on site.
  • Alterations and modifications on collection pieces to fit to size or to harmonize with the color chart or style of the period.

Items produced

  • 3 identical white tutus
  • 3 white and gold sequin and tulle dresses
  • 3 Dirndl dresses (Bavarian style)


  • Michel Robidas, Designer
  • Anne-Marie Rostaing, Head of Workshop
  • Jessica Meghan Marcotte, dressmaker
  • Carole Jones, dressmaker
  • Adrienne Gantenberg, dresmaker

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Dinner Is Served!

August 2018

Dinner Is Served! exhibit at Pointe-à-Callière museum. Multimedia exhibit incorporating projections of historical figures.

© Caroline Thubault

© Caroline Thubault


  • Items chosen from the collection and reimagined by the designers to constitute the mid-18th century characters central to the collection. Hand stitching of trimmings to ensure historical accuracy while respecting the client’s color chart
  • Fittings on site
  • Transmission of expertise from seasoned designers to interns
  • Repairs and alterations on costumes to ensure superior condition of the items for 3D capture.


  • Louise Jobin, Designer
  • François Laplante, Designer
  • Anne-Marie Rostaing, Head of Workshop
  • Dorian Fonck, Dressmarker
  • Marika Porlier, Dressmaker

Customer feedback

Marion Malique, Pointe-à-Callière Museum

We have called upon Le Grand Costumier’s services several times to dress characters appearing in videos for our exhibits and installations, in particular for our family-oriented exhibit Come aboard! Pirates or Privateers?, our Dinner is Served! The story of French Cuisine exhibit and finally for our virtual historical characters in the Building Montreal exhibit. Every time the service was impeccable! It is very important for Pointe-à-Callière that we can count on Le Grand Costumier for all historical video shooting needs!


Édifice Gaston-Miron
2225 rue Montcalm
Montréal, Québec
H2L 3H8

© Le Grand Costumier / photography by Philippe Latour